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Удалено VR-Stealth Pro 16.42

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This Expert Advisor/trading panel hides trade levels and is designed to facilitate trading activity.
The Expert Advisor's interface is intuitive and easy to use. The EA hides Take Profit, Stop Loss, Breakeven, and Trailing Stop levels by virtualizing them in the terminal. Instead of real levels, the EA works with lines as graphical objects. All trades are performed in the terminal. Orders can be opened/closed/modified in one click. The EA minimizes the time you spend working with trading positions. Unlike many other programs, VR Stealth Pro features the trading panel and the order management panel, while each order has the panel of its own. The program may work on all account types (demo, real, strategy tester).
In fact, VR Stealth Pro is a light version of VR Trade Panel.
vr-stealth-pro-screen-2698.png vr-stealth-pro-screen-4758.png vr-stealth-pro-screen-5873.png vr-stealth-pro-screen-5928.png vr-stealth-pro-screen-6267.png
  • Trading on real accounts
  • Trading on demo accounts
  • Backtesting manual trading strategies in the strategy tester
  • Placing virtual take profit and stop loss
  • Placing virtual breakeven
  • Placing virtual trailing stop
  • Setting the lifetime of both pending and market orders
  • Managing orders directly from the chart
  • Opening/closing/modifying orders in one click
You can download the product HELP here: (in chm format).
Trade Panel Settings
  • Start Lots - initial trading lot. The value can be changed from the trading panels
  • Step Lots - lot increase step when clicking on a chart in the trading panel
  • Order Distance - distance between pending orders and the current price
  • Magic Number – unique EA's ID. Change it when launching a program on different charts of the same symbol to avoid application conflict
  • Considering orders: if -1, all orders, 0 - only manual ones, >0 - only EA's own orders or orders of another EA
  • Slip - slippage. (Deviation from the current price)
  • Order Arrow - display terminal labels when opening, closing and modifying orders
  • Sound - enable/disable audio signals
Orders Control Settings
  • Stop Loss - default initial stop loss (can be changed by dragging the line with a mouse)
  • Take Profit - default initial take profit (can be changed by dragging the line with a mouse)
  • Breakeven - distance for placing a breakeven
  • Breakeven Step - minimum profit when placing a breakeven
  • Trailing Stop - trailing the stop loss while moving in profitable direction
  • Button Size - order management button size
  • Button Stop Loss - enable/disable a stop loss button
  • Button Take Profit - enable/disable a take profit button
  • Button Breakeven - enable/disable a breakeven button
  • Button Trailing Stop - enable/disable a trailing stop button
  • Button Time Close - enable/disable a button for closing/removing an order due to its lifetime expiration
  • Button Info - enable/disable a button for obtaining a complete information about an order
  • Edit Field Lots Close - enable/disable a lot edit field for an order partial close
  • Vertical Line Level - enable/disable take profit and vertical stop loss lines
  • Default Stop Loss - enable/disable a stop loss when opening an order
  • Default Take Profit - enable/disable a take profit when opening an order
  • Default Breakeven - enable/disable a breakeven when opening an order
  • Default Trailing Stop - enable/disable a trailing stop when opening an order
  • Default Time Close - enable/disable the ability to set an order expiration time when opening an order
  • Default Info - enable/disable an open order info window
Indicator Settings

  • Days - Number of days to display sessions
  • Width Border - border width
  • Asia Start - beginning of the Asian session
  • Asia End - end of the Asian session
  • Asia Color - Asian session block color
  • Europe Start - start of the European session
  • Europe End - end of the European session
  • Europe Color - European session block color
  • USA Start - beginning of the American session
  • USA End - end of the American session
  • USA Color - American session block color
  • Grid vertical step - vertical line step
  • Grid vertical activ - vertical control line color
  • Grid vertical deactiv - vertical line color
  • Grid vertical style - vertical line style
  • Grid vertical widtch - vertical line width
  • Grid horizontal step - horizontal line step
  • Grid horizontal activ - horizontal control line color
  • Grid horizontal deactiv - horizontal line color
  • Grid horizontal style - horizontal line style
  • Grid horizontal widtch - horizontal line width
  • Line Distance - distance for alert lines
  • Line Time Color - vertical signal line color in time
  • Line Upper Color - horizontal signal line color after breaking through the upper level
  • Line Lower Color - horizontal signal line color after breaking through the lower level
Virtual Order Settings
Virtual Order Distance - default distance for virtual pending orders

Please test the product on a demo account before you apply it to a real money account. The program works in your MetaTrader 4 terminal, orders to close, modify, remove and open orders are sent from your terminal. A broker's server has only an open price or a price of pending order placement. If your MetaTrader 4 terminal is closed or does not have Internet connection, your orders are not managed and close/modification requests are not executed.
Consider this information while working.
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