program versions


How to see the program version from Trading-Go?

When you install the program, different window settings are appeared. In the section named “About the program” at the end of the advisor’s name the program’s version is written, as shown in VR program --- TRADE-PANEL, version 15.2.

Explanation versions:

15 - Year.
2 - Month.
0 - Release (In this case it is omitted).

In case if more than one version of the program exists in the past month, one more figure is addicted:

For example:

Version 15.41 stands for 15 (Year), April, the first modification.
Version 15.3 stands for 15 (Year), March, no release or modifications.
Version 14.85 stands for 14 (Year), August, the fifth modification.
Version 14.123 stands for 14 (Year), December, the third modification.