EurUsd.pngThe advisor or ATS (Automated Trading System), also known as Expert Advisor, is a semi-automatic or automatic trading system that can independently carry out trades in MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 or provide any other information to the trader. Modern technologies allow to automatically trade currencies on the stock markets in the trader’s absence or together with the trader’s account.

The advisor can perform the following steps:

1. Analyze a market situation.

2. Beep and notify.feature-2.png

3. Send messages with various information to E-Mail or Push.

4. Open positions with the help of an automatically calculated or specified lot.

5. Maintain a position over time and price changes.

6. Close a position under the given conditions.

7. Display any standard as well as mathematically calculated information on the chart.

Conventionally, advisors can be divided into four groups:

1. Automatic (an entire process of trading and analysis is fully automated).

2. Semi-automatic (a partial automation of trading, controlling and closing of positions opened by the trader).

3. Informational (an advisor collects the information and provides the material on the chart to the trader).

4. Combined (a program simultaneously controls positions opened by the trader and carries on trade).

Also, advisors can be divided into other groups: capital management, trade principles, or risk management groups.

On our website you will find all types of advisors and will be able to test and see how they work.

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Most trading is stopped after reaching 100 % of the profits. According to the results of tests, advisors are modified or posted online. In place of the removed advisors new versions are installed, and thus, monitoring starts from scratch. Testing advisors is very close to real conditions. Minimal deposits for trading constitute 10 000 rubles.